hey I have a natural hard 4c hair type. I lost most of my hair you can even see my skin.. HELP

my hair type is 4c ...from last week , I had been experiencing something I experience every year.. Every time I grow my natural hair, when its almost big , it starts cutting out. .it cuts until you see my skin.. it falls everywhere , When I touch it it falls out...I am forced to cut my hair and start afresh every year...I wanna use new products cuz clearly the 1 I use ain't good.. I loved my natural big afro. I don't know what to do please help..

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What kind of products do u use? I don't think it's normal it falls out that easy..it's different if it's just low density but having this every year while just touching your hair is not okay.
You need to see a doctor immediately. This is not normal. How is your diet? If you don't eat properly do you take vitamins. In the meantime try oil rinsing.
well I cut off ma whole head. .. am starting afresh. .. Please advise on which products to use...  to have good healthy hair. ..
I dont think it's normal for this to happen year after year are you wearing tighter styles or playing in it more as it gets long  maybe speak with your doctor and try to minimize how often you manipulate your hair. Lots of other things can cause thinning hair such as wearing hats wich increases friction or diet, lifestyle, products. Are you leaving the house with wet hair all these things can be causes. one thing that helps me when my edges are thinning is a mix of olive oil and teetree oil rubbed into the scalp. Definitely speak to your doctor though as you may have a deficiency or scalp condition. 
go see a doctor
go see a doctor