hi! Does type 2c hair look good without layers or is it unmanageable?

I currently have very layered hair and love how it takes weight out of my hair, but hate how poofy it makes my hair look. I want taylor swift like hair but feel that my layers makes my hair look too short and poofy. Does curly hair without layers become to heavy and unruly? What steps should I take to grow my layers out if I choose to do so? Thanks so much! 

5 Answers

I don't think it will become unmanageable, but wavy hair tends to look better with some layers. One length will give you "triangle hair" where it is flat on the top and poofy on the ends. NOT a good look at all, trust me. The best solution is to have very long layers so you control the poof without looking like a christmas tree. To grow out your layers you just need to let your hair grow, and trim the bottom. Let your shortest layer grow to the length that you you would be comfortable having your layers start, and then cut off most of the bottom, so that there is only a few inches of layers. As your hair grows, just keep adjusting until you're happy.
I agree with JessiiLeighh. Waves look better with layers. But if you're worried about poofiness, try doing layers only in the front of your face, and one length in the back. That is what I do and I love it. Start with one layer beneath your chin, etc. etc. 
Any type of hair looks good with layers except maybe 4a 4b and 4c hair. It makes thin hair thicker. It just works great for any type of hair. I reccomend long layers for curly hair.
Layers give wavy hair more movement so I wouldn't go *all* one length, but I make sure none of my layers are shorter than below chin length (so that the weight doesn't let my hair get poofy) and then only do minimal layers in the back. 
Make yourself some flaxseed gel! Personally, I hate anything but long layers. I found out just yesterday that this is the perfect product, for me anyway, to reduce poof. My hair tends to start down and poof up during the day the result of which means I carry a scrunchy with me everywhere I go. I am traumatized by bad layered haircuts so I don't know what your experience is but I just want to say that you are not obligated to have layers! FSG defined my curls and my hair stayed down but curly all day. I prefer a blunt cut with gentle layer at the bottom so I don't look like Rosanna Danna.