How far have you traveled for a good hair cut?

Please share your experience!

2 Answers

I've travled 4hrs to get a complete makeover hair cut from a trusted hairdresser I've used for years... I hadn't seen her in almost 3 years but we still had a good was a disaster this heffa was 3 hours late came in the shop ready To go to an outdoors reggae concert...this was an appointment she knew I was coming from a long way and sound excited when I made the appointment... I told her I wanted a short hair cut and color mind you she's done it before... She put this color on my super long hair I asked are you sure don't want to cut it first she said no so to make a long story short this lady cut my hair off all lop sides and crazy looking when she was cutting it I felt like she was mad or emotional about something.... I asked are you mad she said "no"
Great question!