how to cut bangs in mbl 3b hair?

Really wanting some wild, curly bangs like I had when i was 11-12. Im now 15, and have learned to love my hair. Any suggestions?  I dont have  money for a salon consult. EDIT nevermind, I thought "screw it, it'll grow back" and I now have an awesome fringe. Turned out pretty well actually.

1 Answer

It matters on the stylist. First ask them how they'd do it.If they don't know, lol, this is what I would:- Part hair that is going to be part of the bangs- Visualize the bangs- Cut the hair even though it's dry- Tie the bangs with an elastic- Wash the hair- Get out the elastic of the bangs- Cut the uneven parts ---------- To get sure they're even, try straightening itBefore starting try brushing it to the way you want the bangs to face.Look for pictures of coily with bangs to have an idea of what you want to get. (3b is close to coily)Tell thos to your stylist to see what they think.Hope this works!!!Attacht a picture of your front hair with an straight angle to your face so upcoming answers can come with better tips :)PS: on hair types, your a rank curlier than me, and I used to have bangs for a year and a half. Good luck!