We must therefore remove all fat and, for this, practitioners adopt a diet of "dry”. This means that they consume fewer calories than their body needs to force him to dip into its fat reserves. Only during this period, the organization also tends to get rid of his muscles, too power hungry. If the dryer is too drastic, muscle loss can also be quite large.Weight gainUltimately, this alternation of mass gain and dry can help muscle gain but long-term demand to go through TST 1700 phases where you will be fatter. Also, if you use bad this system, you may well find yourself fatter and less muscular than before. It all depends on how you manage your diet.Taking bold, mandatory disadvantageFollowing the logic of the mass intake system and dry, one may wonder if it is not possible to find a balance just to gain muscle without caloric surplus. That is to say giving your body just what it needs to build new muscle fibers without exceeding their needs. Indeed, the idea is good, but difficult to implement.

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