I have 2b- 2c curly hair and I want to get a pixie cut... But the question is should I?

3 Answers

I've seen many curlies with a pixie and they are adorable.  If I were you I would look at different pixie styles and curly pixie pictures. Pixies with curly bangs are my favorite. The second picture should be cute with curly/wavy bangs.Btw I love your shirt.
I have this type hair.. actually more 2C I THINK.. and I had a pixie cut. Because my hair is thin, it looked really good and was a very easy cut to style. It fell nicely against my head and looked great BUT growing it out is the worse!
I think that a pixie cut would look great on you but you have to determine how long/short it will be before cutting it and cut it while curly(don't straighten it before the cut) so that you can determine how it will look while curly. Good luck!