I have 3a type curly hair and want to cut my hair into a pixie cut. Any advice for my situation?

My hair is fine but I have a good amount it. My hair is managable now that it's past my shoulders with layers. I've gotten a blunt cut before, with the length being as short as possible without the hair dresser having to buzz in the back (about the bottom of my ear). That cut made my hair poof out. I'm not quite sure why, but I had triangle hair /\. I love the idea of a pixie cut, I'm not worried about my face shape but I'm extremely worried about having my hair poof out into something miserably terrible.  I'd need it long enough to straighten too. I've heard it might poof out while I'm growing it out, but if it's long enough to straighten with a 1" flat iron, I'm not worried. If anyone has any experience with this situation, that'd be really helpful. And if anyone has any pictures of a pixie cut that is the length I want that'd be great too.Thank you!

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