I am thinking about cutting my hair short. any suggestions on hair cuts?

I have what I think is 2C or 3A hair.

3 Answers

Woah but your hair is already short. I find that when it comes to cutting hair it seems like a good idea at first but then all you think about is how much you want it back. And how much you just want to grow out your hair. I went from boob length too jawline. 
Here's some pix of short hairstyles that might help you! http://www.naturallycurly.com/curly-hairstyles-pictures/index/?search_text=&Length[]=Very+short+hair+styles&Length[]=Short+hair+styles
http://cutegirlshairstyles.org/short-curly-bob-hairstyles.html I really like these ones! Thanks for your feedback already. Do you think any of these would work?