What can I do after a bad hair cut?

My natural hair is like a 3B. About 2 months ago I let this new lady cut it about 4 inches. My hair lost most it's curls. Im still using the same natural products. I just don't know if I should trim it again. I heard it was hairshock but like said it's been a few months now And my hair is still ugly. 

2 Answers

Hey Lily.Gonzale, I'm sure your hair isn't ugly but I get it when you get a bad cut and it seems to take FOREVER to grow back out. It sounds like she cut your curls at the wrong spots because your curls are still there if they weren't damaged from something else but they are sure to come back when the hair grows back. You can scrunch your curls back in the areas they seem to left or enlist in braided or twists styles to give your curls a wake up call while they get back to their desired length. Many curly girls lightly spritz with water and conditioner and braid or twist the hair at night so it has a uniform pattern to work with in the morning. You can also find a curl expert in your area to fix your hair but with this many months in you may be well on your way back to where you were.  We have a list of salons that are experts on curls here: http://www.naturallycurly.com/curlsalons/Hope this helps!Best,Sabrina
the exact same happened to me. I went to the stylist and asked for a little bit cut off and she said no you need 7/8 inches cut off because its adult damaged. I think she just got scissor happy. Anyway she cut it all off and it was left just below my shoulders I was gutted. But just keep using natural hair products and overnight masks are really good.