should i do a big haircut? something different please it urgent

3 Answers

Maybe a bob or lob (long bob) ? They're really in right now and from the looks of it, it looks like you have wavy hair which, with the right products, you can achieve a nice beachy, bob. Also, they are way less maintenance than any long hair hairstyle and if your going for a big chop, so that you can start fresh, a short cut like a bob will definitely do its justice. Hope all goes well. 
I prefer layered hair cut. It's a stylish haircut for women with long hair.
i agree its long and of course you are going to straighten it which i think you should it will look amazing you should get to cut and layered. at least up to shoulder length and if your brave you can get a really short cut with a buzzed name but you should cut most atleast