I have bleached my hair many times and dyed fire red, it is no longer curly should I cut it all off?

Hello lorainne, I have naturally tight curly hair & I have bleached it over and over to get it the blonde I wanted and I also have dyed it fire red which I loved but now I want  my naturally curly hair back. I straighten my hair maybe twice a month because it is hideous curly, my hair is rough, dry, and brittle, always falling out in the shower, it is VERY dry and frizzy . I've tried every organic product on the shelves but nothing is helping. I'm thinking of chopping it all off as my last hope to grow back my natural curly hair ? Any suggestions! Below is how my hair used to be very curly and healthy & a current picture of now how damaged it is.

1 Answer

I have the same issue I had a dye job go super wrong this past January and it completely fried my curls - I turned it orange and then had to strip it using color ops! Then I got so fed up i colored it black all in the same day! Now I only have that same issue youre having with the front sections of my hair what I do is, try to minimize the amount of heat your using ! it will help your hair since it is most likely really dry and STOP WASHING !!! Dont go 2 weeks but try to minimize washing to about 2 times a week. I'd say go cold turkey and rock the ponytails, french braids and buns! I also use deep conditioners about once a week and I've noticed that by doing bantu knots to the sections where its damaged it's "tricking" my hair to thinking its curly again and also will have your hair looking like natural curls without the heat!