Should I bother shaping my hair when my ultimate plan is to grow it long?

I have short type 4 hair (6 inches or less) and the growth is considerably slower at the top of my head compared to the sides and back. This gives it an awkward look. I want to correct it by cutting the sides and back shorter than the front but I am conflicted because my ultimate goal is long hair and it would be counter productive. Advice?

2 Answers

My hair is type 3 (a-ish and b-ish), and shaping is a must! I, too, want to grow it out, but it looks horrible if I don't shape it. My advice would be to go to a diva cut stylist and tell her not to take any length off, just to shape, and your hair should look great. My stylist did a great job!
Definitely get it shaped! Hair grows back :)