How do i bounce back from a bad haircut?

I just went to a new salon and they cut my hair straight across. Now it looks awful and I don't know how to fix it! All the curly hair salons around me are way out of my budget and I'm awful with hair so fixing it myself is definitely out of the question. I've been growing my hair for 3 years so I don't want to lose any length... Please help!

2 Answers

I'm sorry dude!  That's a terrible experience--probably everyone here has a story like that.It seems to me like you have two options: you can wear it up a lot and ignore the problem till you're ready for another cut, or you can go back to the salon (or another salon) and ask them to fix it.  If I were in your shoes I'd call the salon and explain that you got a cut there that you're just not happy with and ask if they can fix it.  Then I'd ask for long layers, specifying that you don't want to lose any length.
Anyone with curly hair knows that a good hair is number 1, the most important start to good hair.  In my 58 years I've learned: can not assume the "next available stylist" knows how to cut curly hair; 2. All stylists will say they know how and 3 When you find someone good, make them your best friend and don't take anyone else, if they are busy, you wait, if they move, you follow.  This is true in high end salons also.   So, for your answer, I would not only call the manager I would strongly stress that you need someone who knows curly hair very well and ask why they are recommending that person. Sometimes the manager will give you the person who needs new clients. What I want to hear is "I've been cutting my family's hair and they all have very curly hair" or "I have curly hair and won't let just anyone cut it either" or something that backs them up.  This is VERY important and you have to be strong.  The manager should be open to recutting your hair because anyone who cuts curly hair straight across doesn't know what they are doing (with curls) so you didn't get what you paid for.Once you find a good stylist, and they are in the "cheap" shops too, find a way to fit a cut into your budget as recommended here, at least twice a year, more if at all possible. btw, do tip the next person if they do the job right even if you're not paying for the recut, she may be your new best friend.