I have coily and curl. But in front it seems like the relaxer isn't gone. Don't know what to do!

I cut my hair in 2011 for it to grow naturally since I don't remember how was it. My mom used to relaxed it since I was 7 years old. Now that I want my hair like it is, in the right front it doesn't curl. It looks like its always ironed. I want m hair long but this frustrates me. I'm thinking in cutting it but I want it to grow fast. Also it always is very, very dry. 

3 Answers

it sounds like the right front of your hair still has heat damage . You can either cut it off now and get it over with Or just leave it , let it grow out some , then cut off the straight part Either way , you have to cut it . 
Yep, you gonna have to cut that off, homegirl. You can totally transition which is what a lot of naturals do. You will need to employ some different products and styling methods to get your curls to look uniform. I love when people do twists then bantu knots... like homegirl below.
Well, I cut my hair... is growing but in my ignorance I kept using shampoo with sulphate (Crece Pelo made in Dominican Republic) and I see a lot of split ends and too much dryness. Also the gel I used (ALL OF THEM ALCOHOL FREE) gave me residue and too much itchiness. My stylist recommended to use Suave Whipped Mouse but IT LEAVES MY HAIR GREASY AND ITCHES. It seems I don't find what's adequate for me and I want my hair to grow, but healthy. So, I have this in my Curl Mart Cart. Opinions? Anything else I could use?