Should i cut off 10 inches of my hair?

My hair is a 2b/c combo... and its quite long now. (Straight: 25 inches (i slept in a braid so its sorta straight)) I want to donate my hair, and i just wanted to know if my hair would be okay of my shoulders. I'm excited but scared too! My hair cut is in 2 days! (Monday the 10th) and I have school pictures that friday and senior portraits that saturday. I need to know very soon!Note: The picture was taken January 26, 2015 (My hair is not curly today soooo) Excuse the face... My friend stole my phone and I made a face (I cropped out my friends in the photo) This is just so you can see the curl pattern on my hair.

1 Answer

I lean toward no, don't cut it off. I think with your look, face shape and curl pattern look really goo on you and are flattering. Long is really good for you. If you want to make a small change, get a few layers and get your hair cut dry where they work with the shape of your curly hair in it's dry state to create a shape. If you were to just cut it in a bob that's 10 in shorter I think it might look more boxy and have less style/appeal to it. Plus, making a drastic change right before your senior pics is a big no IMHO! It could go very wrong. At least this way you know what you are getting. ;) You're cute whatever you decide.