Should I cut my own hair?

I know  my hair needs a trim. I've a head full of split ends and single strand knots. I feel that I cannot go to the hair dresser. There is no hairdresser where I live that can cut curly hair. Anytime I go its a mortifying experience. They brush out my hair dry until it's so big that it covers my disgruntled face. They refuse to cut layers as they say 'it won't work for your hair' which is ridiculous. They know nothing about curly hair and I refuse to go to a salon. I want to cut it myself but it's pretty badly damaged at the moment. Each strand a different length and they stick out everywhere. Will I have to endure one last trip to the salon to get a chop or should I try it myself?

1 Answer

I wish I knew what your hair type was and this would be so much easier to respond to. But I'm here to help. I totally understand when it comes to non-curly hair/unsupportive of natural stylists. And when ever you see them run. But if you go to a salon, and giving your good money they better not do any of those techniques you requested they not. Along with that, if you're not sure how to go about cutting your hair, I don't advise you but if you feel confident in it, then go for it. You know what you want, and know how to treat your hair. Now, if you lack that confidence, which is completely understandable bc i refuse to cut my own hair, then you need to think of a plan. Do you want to cut your hair curly or straighten. Personally, I get mine cut straighten (while its blow dried out) but it's all up to you, doll. Once you've done that you need to go to hair dresser you believe have people with hair similar to yours and then see if they are comfortable with your hair and tell them all the do's and don'ts of your hair so you want have a disgruntled face behind your curls. There isn't anything wrong with salons, just insensitive stylists is all. But if cutting your own locks, have confidence in it or DO NOT DO IT.