If I do not cut my hair (3A) for a whole year, would that affect the curliness/health of my hair?

I'm trying to grow my hair out for Prom. If I let it grow for a year would that hinder my hair? Wet, my hair is about half-way down my back but curls up to right past my shoulders. What do you suggest I do?

1 Answer

Research salons and stylist that specialize in Curly texture. You should have a minimum of 3 trims a year to reduce the breakage that will occur with regrowth. Most people have 1/2 inch a month if hair and scalp are healthy. Remember our bodies replish what has been removed.....skin, nails and hair. Make sure that your stylist is only cutting off breakage and it will signal to the body to start regrowth.Keenan Hair Studio