how should I cut my hair!!!???!?

okay...I have very messed up hair( at least in my head I believe I do). So, I have basic type of curly hair( not sure what type). The problem is I have poofy curly hair on top and as you travel down it gets straighter and straighter. So my bottom layer of hair is straight (I'm not sure why my hair does this, I think it's because years back I used to straighten my hair everyday...) therefore you can see the diffence and it looks choppy and horrible:(. I was considering going short to hid the straight hairs, but I am terrified!! Does anyone have suggestions on how to fix this problem, or anyone out there who has the same problem?? Sorry for the long description, but can you please help me, thanks :)

1 Answer

As a stylist, I have encountered clients like you before. I had one whose hair was super curly except for the hair at the nape of her neck, which was perfectly straight. My way of dealing with this was to give her a normal haircut while it was wet, then diffuse it, and once it was dry, trim the straight under layer so that it was even and blended with the rest of her curly hair. The best thing you can do is to outline this problem to your stylist, and then ask them to leave the curliest portion of your hair long enough to cover the straighter sections. This is a common bit of camouflage that a lot of stylists use for those who have varying textures.