Should I cut my hair?

Hi, I'm 13 and my hair has some strands that are a little straight near the top but have curls at the end. When I straighten my hair, I have terrible split ends. It looks really bad. I haven't trimmed my hair in over two years! But when my hair is curly, I cant find my split ends. My hair is really puffy too (look at the pictures) Anyways, I'm planning on going to a JCP hair salon but I'm scared they are gonna mess up my hair and cut it way too short or cut it wet and forget about the shrinkage. I just want my hair to be healthy and grow past my shoulder length.Ps in the picture with my hair straight, you cant see the split ends as easy as you do usually. it's because that time the people who straightened it went over it multiple times with so many different things.

1 Answer

Hi!It is very important to maintain your hair healthy. You have damaged your hair with heat and it is a smart thing to stop straightening, at least untill your hair is healthy. Do cut the your split ends! It is advised to trim your curls about every 8-12 weeks depending on your hair condition.Tell the hairdresser exactly what you want with your hair. When they start wettting your hair or talking about cutting your hair wet then you know it's probably not a salon specialized for curls.