I cut my hair and now it's not as curly!

Hey, guys! I just cut 12 inches off my hair yesterday. It's now in a really short bob-like thing. The problem is, I've lost a lot of my curl pattern! Advice? I'll add some before and after pictures. I don't know if I need to change my routine or what! Before I cut, my routine was: 1. Co-wash every other day; 2. Scrunch in leave-in conditioner; 3. Let air dry for a couple minutes; 4. Plop and go to sleep(I shower at night); 5. Refresh with a water/ leave-in mix in the morning. The first pictures(with the long hair) are my before pictures and the second pictures(short hair) are after. Thank you so much for any advice!

1 Answer

Hi Curlynaomi, This is a common issue for wavies. We carry most of our curl in the ends of our hair. The top of our head is mostly straight. So if/when we get short bobs, most of the curl is gone. My advice to you is to be patient and let it grow out again. Your bob is super cute though! In the mean time, you can help out your curl by using lighter hair products. I would switch from co-washes to sulfate-free shampoos. And maybe try using a light mousse instead of a leave-in...unless your leave-in is really light, then you're fine. You can also work on getting more curls and volume to your bob by diffusing! Check out this super helpful article on how to diffuse curly hair.Good luck!