Should I cut my hair short...

okay sooooo.... I'm a 31 year olds mother of two small children. My hair fell out so badly after having my five month old. My edges are struggling and my hair thinned out so badly there is literally nothing to my mop anymore (tears).... Should I cut my hair and start over or try to maintain what I have!? Help me please! I've had longer hair all my life but with wanting to hop back to school, raising my children, and working two jobs I don't know if short hair will be to much maintenance or would it free up my time to enjoy other aspects of my life along with gaining back the health of my tendrils!?

1 Answer

Short hair, such as a bob or a pixie cut would look wonderful on you! But you don't HAVE to cut it all off at once. You could cut off maybe an inch at a time while your new growth takes it's place. Personally, I would go for a pixie cut with full bangs and let your hair start over.