should I get a deva cut?

my hair is really damaged from dyeing and straightening it, and after I cut my hair recently it's lost most of the curl that was left. would a deva cut even be right for my hair? I'm going to wait a while for my hair to grow out before I cut it anyway, but once it gets to the length I want it at, I'm not sure if the deva cut would be right for my hair or benefit it at all. any advice? (the first three photos are before I cut my hair, it was really damaged and that's only how it looked on a good day. the last three are after I cut it, and it's noticeably less curly and has almost no volume)

1 Answer

I would suggest to consult with a curly hair specialist, make sure she or he is certified in curly hair!! Because they can possibly lead you in a better direction. I know devacuts are mainly to give your hair some body while treating your curls. What products do you use in your hair? Do you remember your curl pattern prior to the heat damage?