I dont know if I should cut my hair or not

My hair as always been natural, but not always healthy. I used to use a lot of heat on my hair (500 degree straighteners). I want my hair to be healthy so badly. The last time I went to get it cut back in February the hairdresser said I didn't have a lot of split ends, it was just damaged. However, now I feel like I do have a lot of split ends on top of the heat damage. Should I chop it all off or try something else?

3 Answers

1) to help damaged hair:You can buy special heat protectant so you don't damage your hair as much. I know curly hair can be a pain in the butt but try to keep your hair natural more than ironed in a week. Cutting it:I my self have very curly hair, cutting the split ends off will only affect your hair in a good way. It will make it look shiner and cleaner. If you were looking to cut it above shoulder length I wouldn't. I did when I was younger and it did not look good at all. I hope I helped. Good luck!
Hi! I'd advise you to stop using heat for a while untill your hair is healthy again. Unfortunately damaged hair, split ends etc can't be glued together. Once it's damaged it's better to get rid of those parts. Leaving the damaged parts can cause your healthy parts to tangle up as well. If you don't like the idea of suddenly having short hair then you can also cut a little bit every 3-4 weeks untill the damaged parts are completely gone. Make sure you keep the focus on having healthy hair :) Good luck!
I had and still have the same problem. The sad thing is that there is no way to fix damaged hair.