how can i explain to a hairdresser how to (dry) cut my now triangle-shape 3b/3c curls? in maurtius

hi, im in mauritius and natural hair love is still alien to many. i have 3b/3c curls and  i'm dying to get good hair shape. my hair has for about 3 years now been in triangle shape because i can't find a person or a salon specialised in kinky/coily/curly hair in my country. i would like to know what can i do or how to explain to someone how to cut my hair. i've watched a lot of videos but i'm afraid the person might not understand or get the whole importance/philosophy/the everything of it. can you please advise me?

1 Answer

Just ask if he/she specializes in dry cuts if not your might have to find a place that does or try to explain what to do. good luck! Hope this helps.