I got my hair cut and it looks horrible when straight, should I get it fixed or keep my hair curly?

I went to Fantastic Sams and I was supposed to get it trimmed but instead she took off almost 2 inches and made it very uneven. You cannot tell when it is curly but I straighten my hair often (I am cutting down for 2015).I had waited 3 months and had grown it almost 3 inches in that time and now it's all gone and I almost cried because that's the fastest my hair has EVER grown.

2 Answers

Don't worry, I've cried at the beauty shop also. If I were you I would just wear it curly until it grows back long enough, that would give your hair a rest from the heat. If straight is the way you want to wear it and there is no way to conceal the damage then just cut it. Its hair, it will grow. Let me tell you, I once cut my bangs extremely short because I wanted that look where the bangs hang half your forehead...girl, the hair did not want to stay down! It was soo short that even if I tried to bobbie pin it some hair would come off. Did I cry? no...maybe...but the lesson here is that hair grows back :)
I have 4a texture hair and I decided to cut my hair today. I went a Cuban shop that my mom goes to in Florida City, Fl. I usually wear my hair as a wash and go or twist out. I've been natural for about 7 years. I wanted a short cut but one I could wear either straight or natural. So i went and she kept telling me I need a karatin treatment. And I told her I didn't want chemicals in my hair at all and I only wanted the shape of the overall style. She ended up leaving it uneven and not layered at all. It's like a pixie but taper (Atleast that's what I wanted). She said she knew what she was doing but I think not. How should I go about fixing the sides? Should I cut them shorter or deva cut?