What should I do with my hair?!

Please help! I have absolutely NO idea what to do with my hair. I don't know if I should grow it out or chop it all out. I believe that I'm a 3b. My hair has been short for several years now, but when I was young, it grew down to my waist. As it is now, I feel like my hair is too boxy and thick. I also have a huge forehead that I'd like to try to cover a bit. So basically my question is this: if I cut my hair, how short should it be, and what type of cut should I get? If I grow it out, should I include layers? I was also curious about the possibility of getting some shorter pieces cut to frame my face. I've been trying to do a lot of research on here/the general Internet, but I'm having a tough time making a choice. Anyway, thank you in advance! :)

1 Answer

Don't worry I feel you about the forehead, I'm a guy so I can't get bangs so I pretty much live my whole life keeping my eyebrows up to make my forehead look smaller xD. Tbh your hair looks fine in length if you are looking for something to cover your forehead I think you'd look really pretty with these styles.... but it's all up you these are just suggestions.