What should i do when my hair breaks off in the center but the perimeter is healthy? For type 4b

I have been natural since 09 and my hair has taken on some damage. There is clear heat damage but I'm not sure how I should handle it. My hair doesn't grow like it once did and I'm uncertain if it will grow back once I cut it all off.

1 Answer

I just want to say firstly — do not think your hair won't grow back. If you learn or know what works best for your hair, and are patient it will definitely grow back. May take time but it'll get there so be encouraged :).As far as your hair breaking in the center: the first thing you need to do is consider what you're doing to your hair and is it straining.I.E. - heat damaged hair is already weaker my default.- 4b Hair 's curl pattern is one that needs to be handled with extreme care because it is already prone to breakage due to the natural bends and curls (more than other curl patterns).- Now it would be VERY beneficial to take into consideration other factors of your hair than curl pattern. Do you have FINE strands, MEDIUM strands, or THICK strands (you can use thread to find this out if you don't know). If your strands are fine this coupled with 4B pattern makes it harder to maintain because you really shouldn't manipulate it too much.- Do you do puffs a lot or tighter styles where your hair is rubbing together in the center?Okay now that all that has been said Lol, I'd suggest using heat as little as possible. trying raspberry oil (the center of your hair when it is down is the first thing the sun touches and this oil is a natural UV protectant or sunblock), and when washing and conditioning I would do the center a little differently and not treating it like the rest of the hair. As in taking more care since you see that's more delicate right now.Hope some of this helps, xo.