What can I do to keep my hair looking nice while it is straightened without cutting it?

I have around 4c hair. I have not paid much attention to my hair this whole semester, I know I'm ridiculous. My hair has tiny knots at the end and has split ends all over. This is not new though. I trim my hair every month because of this. Needless to say, I don't retain length very well. Also, it always looks dry even when I have products in it and is oily to the touch. My scalp is almost always flaky and I have used several different shampoos (currently using cantu). I would like to be able to straighten my hair without looking crazy so I am open to suggestions. 

1 Answer

Sounds like you have low porous hair and is not absorbing moisture well. I have low porous hair too. What helped me was deep conditioning with steam. Usually I saturate my hair with deep conditioner and let the hot water from the shower steam my hair since I dot have an actual steamer or use a shower cap for 30 mins. If you do this regularly, you should see some improvements. As for the flaky scalp. Another thing that helped me was clarifying my hair and making sure my scalp and hair were free of build up since build up can cause dryness and ineffective use of products. So I incorporate clay masks 1 or 2x a month and cowash weeklyAs for the knots, they're common with our hair, especaily if you wash and go alot. I like to detangle really well once a week and oil my ends to minimize these. I've also heard keeping your hair dry and stretched helps.