My hair stresses me out

I think I have a minor problem. I run every day. I feel like all of the ponytails, braids, braided ponytails, and buns I use to keep my hair up cause a lot of breakage and split ends for me. I never use heat, I cowash, deep treat once a week, and have been cg for about a year now. My problem is that I OBSESS OVER THE SPLIT ENDS I DO GET. I feel like I'm always touching my hair or looking for splits. I cannot go a day without trimming some part of my hair or S&Ding and I CANT STOP. I know this sounds ridiculous but stress so much about my hair!! How can I stop wasting so much time worrying about my hair but still take good care of it and prevent these splits from happening?

1 Answer

start doing some protein treatments. Don't use any heat because it'll make it worse. And relax!!! Your hair is pretty! Just put it in a loose ponytail or bun. Start using some coconut oil too, it has protein in it.