Should I get a haircut or not?

I really want to cut my hair like in the picture but I'm afraid that it'll get big and poofy because my hair is already thick. Also I have this section in my hair that is really damaged like its crispy and not that curly because of my hair should i get a haircut or should i just let it grow? Thank you very much! :)

1 Answer

Personally, I am a huge fan of short hair. I cut my hair like the girl in the first picture whenever my hair grows too long. I think it looks super cute and also gives me a fresh start by getting rid of all the dead hair. To make sure your hair doesn't get puffy you need to ask for long layers. If your stylist doesn't give you long layers it will definitely poof out! Also make sure you use some curl defining product to section the hair together and further decrease frizz and poofyness from your new hair cut.Good luck!!