I have heat damage should I cut it off and have shortbhair or should I cut a little off 1ce a week

3 Answers

Its what ever you are comfortable with. If you are comfortable with doing a big chop then do that, if not then cut off hair gradually. The best would be to do a big chop. I have heat damage myself but I am gradually cutting it off.
yea it's about what you're comfortable with. If you do a big chop how short will it be? Also keep in mind how healthy it will be immedintiy following your hair cut and you might fall in love with how it looks and feels
I agree with the other posts.  If you are comfortable with it, do a big chop.  I was silly and did a home Brazillian Blowout (NOT RECOMMENDED!) and really damaged my hair.  It was quite the mess.  I ended up caving and went to my hair stylist where I was promptly scolded.  She cut about 7" off (bringing it up to where it rested on the tops of my shoulders when dry).  It took 16 months of growing and cutting before I was rid of the mess I made.  I wasn't brave enough to go as short as I needed to initially.  Learned my lesson though!  Good luck.  Please tell us what you decided to do.