I have what people call "tight waves" would bangs look good on me?

2 Answers

For me personally bangs are a definite no. I have super thick 2C hair and it makes me look like I put three mops on my head. There's way too much hair bouncing around the front. Even when I would flat iron thin bangs, they would still curl/wave back up within several hours and look a mess. I tried bangs in the first place to give my large forehead some cover but it was such a bad decision. And I've been through so many kinds of bangs. So I'm currently growing the bangs out and have to clip them down or back everyday.But that's just my personal opinion from my own experience. Others will think differently.
it's hard to say without seeing a photo. Bangs are tricky for curlies to pull off but it is possible. Have u asked a stylist?