If I have high porosity hair should I big chop it if it's natural and healthy?

I big chopped my hair about 2 years ago, and since then my hair has improved greatly. The problem is, I have high porosity hair, that likes to shrink when dry. Lately Iits been really hard for me to comb my hair without breaking it off. Retaining moisture has been almost impossible, it's been really frizzy, and my bangs barely want to curl. I do not straighten of blow dry my hair. So my question is should I start from zero and cut all my hair off? Will that fox my high porosity hair? Also I find it very hard to keep And style longer than a day, when I put it up once, the front of my hair gets frizzy and the whole thing goes stiff. 

1 Answer

no dont big chop again. Watch girls on youtube like glamtwinz334. i think you have a simiar texture to them.