I have horribly dry and brittle 4c hair with tangled ends, would giving myself a trim cause damage?

I've been suffering from dry, brittle hair for years, despite this my hair continues to grow. The ends of my hair tangle easily, in addition suffer from single strand knots, split hair in the middle of the stands (towards the ends) and fuzzy ends. I would like to give myself a trim, but I'm worried trimming hair in this state can cause more of a problem. Does anyone have suggestions?. Because my 4C hair seems to be low porosity products seem to have leave a film on my hair instead of penetrating the shaft. To combat the dryness I am using mixture of the the Curly Girl Method and a vinegar rinse every 2 days. Jessicurl's Too Shea has been my product of choice for the last month. I am switching over to Blue Roze products within the next weeks or so to see if it has better results.

1 Answer

Actually by giving your self a trim u be doing your hair a favor, maybe thats the way your hair gives u signs that your do for a trim, at least thats how my hair lets me know lol hope this helps.