I need advice ASAP on if I can get a deva curl haircut with my hair type

I have been straightening my hair since I was in sixth grade I am now 18 I used to have tight curls. I have a deva curl hair cut tmrw. I have been going natural for a month except I straightened it once for graduation. My hair will hardly curl it is super thick and frizzy when it is dry. But when it is wet it is wavy. I go mostly by the curly girl method but I use silicones. If I ur a brush or comb through my hair it is a poofy straight mess. A huge long bottom chunk of my hair on both sides has severe split ends and will not stay wavy at all unless I put gobs and gobs of product. Will a deva cut be affective with my straight/wavy hair. 

2 Answers

After Devacurl haircut
You need to have at least 4 inches cut off, you have a lot of heat damage.  It'll be a huge shock but be patient.  it will take 6 weeks to 3-4 months of transitioning to see your true texture.  Over time, as we age, our hair changes as well, hormones, food habits, environment etc.  Trust that a big change is need for your hair to be able to move forward.  I'll include pictures, The on with Long hair is from December 2014 prior to a Deva Cut, nearly 10 inches cut off after transitioning and trimming my own hair for 3 1/2 years.  The next taken last month-ish and my hair is curlier and is growing back.  I thought I made a huge mistake after the Deva Cut because I was so used to my long hair, but it grows back and all my damge was removed.