Do I need to regularly trim my hair as it dosnt seem to be growing? Please read on...

I apologise in advance for the long paragraph but I've tried to simplify as best as I can lol . Basicly ive been trying to grow my hair for the past 5 years and I cannot get past around a inch below bra strap length (when stretched) hair is mostly 3b with a low density but corseish strands. I do notice shedding and a small amount of brakage (like 5-10 pieces/strands when I run my hands through my hair dry). I deep treat my hair often and use leave ins/oils/ moisturisers. I NEVER straighten my hair but I use a blow dryer on low heat 85% of the time. Finger detangle with loads of conditioner and hardly ever shampoo. I wear my hair in a loose pineapple when I sleep. I've tried protective styles to help retain length such as weave (resulted in completely thinning my hair and caused a lot of breakage), braids (completely thinning my hair and alot of breakage)... I am guilty of dying my hair but not excessively and tbh my hair dosnt feel brittle because I try to take care by using treatments and products etc. I'm also taking sea kelp and biotin/folic acid supplements to try and help. I also have recently spent a lot of time wearing clip ins due to be sick of having the same length hair. I seriously don't know what to do anymore . I just feel like no matter what I do to try and help my hair I'm setting myself further and further back with my length or not getting anywhere. I probably trim it or cut damage 2x - 3x a year and I'm not sure if it's not growing because I'm doing it too often or not enough...It's driving me insane!! Please help me before I grab my partners electric razor and shave my head as I'm at braking point with frustration and confusion lol .

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Sounds like you are doing everything right... do you workout and eat a hair healthy diet? do you take hair skin and nail (not the sea kelp but a true HSN) vitamin? Maybe you should cut out the blow dryer... Maybe its time to change up your regimen. It doesn't sound like you put  alot of tension or damage on your hair so 2x-3x a year with trimming may be unnecessary..... maybe a BC isn't a bad idea. I'm not sure where you live, but the season will be changing soon. Maybe its time for you to start fresh with the new season and try again.