I Need the Wisdom of Fellow Curlies

I'm getting my first Devachan haircut on Friday, but need help! With 3b long-ish hair (past my bra) and a few inexplicable bang strands, I am not sure what to ask my stylist to create. Are there any 3b curly girls with advice? What about past experiences with Devachan cuts? I think I'd like a medium length between my shoulder blades while dry, but shape is eluding me. I've included a photo of my hair for reference.

1 Answer

The cut came out pretty well.  My stylist was very attentive to my requests, and gave me a style that accommodated my needs and wasn't so short that I couldn't still put it up. However, she didn't seem to understand the styling of curly hair. While I am still getting used to understanding how to diffuse my hair, she didn't seem to know how to get it to clump and curl at all. The end result was frizz and some very straight pieces of hair. When I called this to her attention, she responded, "Well, sometimes hair isn't always all curly. I have a client who has half curly and half straight hair. It's just genetics." Right... I don't have a straight hair on my head, but I let her believe that for the time being. She also didn't use enough product on my hair, which I don't know is from being cheap with salon products or because she genuinely didn't think my hair needed more than a dime sized portion of serum. When I suggested a heavier product, she was surprised when my hair responded well and commented on how my hair seemed to handle heavier product use.  Of course, when I left I had to use more product in my hair, as always. However, the cut looks great and she gave me exactly what I needed for style and damage control.