Should I go for a pixie cut or not?

I really want to get a pixie cut but I'm afraid of multiple things. I don't want to look like a boy and I don't know if my hair will get too curly when I cut it short. I guess this is kinda like a big chop for me. I have done it once about 6 years ago but the lady legit chopped all my hair off, there was no style and it was completely uneven.  I'm willing to get it cut if I like the style a lot. I want to get a pixie cause most of my hair is extremely damaged and frizzy and has intense split ends from bleach and dye (I think I'm done with that for a while xD). I mean I probably will dye it back to a dark brown color cause I want some color instead of jet black. What do you all think I should do? The first picture is what I'm looking to get. If I have to then I'll buy rollers and stuff. The second picture is my face shape (oval) and my hair currently.

1 Answer

I would really appreciate some help please.