Do I have the right hair and face shape for a pixie cut?

Hello, I was wondering if somebody could help me on this. I have a round face and my hair is about 2C to a 3A. I used to want it to be long, and then realized I'd have to spend about 20 more minutes brushing it in the morning--my straight-haired friends look super good with a pixie cut, and I was thinking about getting one as well. Can I get a pixie cut, and will it look good on me? I don't really have any experience with short cuts--generally, the shortest it's been cut is about mid-neck length. I've been looking through the Internet, and I've been finding very conflicting arguments. What do you guys think? (I've included a picture of my face just in case you guys want to consult it before answering)

2 Answers

Yeah i think you do. good luck. can you please help me out with my question?
Reject the idea of having the "right" hair or face shape. Men walk around with short hair all the time and no one tells them they have the right or wrong face for it.