If I shave all of my hair off, will I get my curly hair back?

When I was younger, I had thick natural curly hair but I've always straightened it or curled it. Now my curls are gone and I miss them now that I am older and I love curly hair. I want to get my curly hair back. I went from a 3b all the way to a 2a. I have frizzy and wavy hair and I don't know what to do with it. Someone once told me that they shaved their head and their curly hair started coming back. I want to know if that's true. If I shave my head, will my curls come back?

1 Answer

I would recommend doing a big chop instead. Your hair will be shorter and less weighed down; it is also important to remember your hair will grow in curly. Transitioning is less abrupt and has the same result over time.