How do I find a stylist that is good at cutting curly hair into a flattering shape.

I live in a town where there isn't any stylist that specialize in natural hair but all I really want is to find a stylist that cut my hair into a flattering shape. What are some tips to help find a stylist that can do a flattering cut?

3 Answers

Its important that you have a picture of exactly what you are looking for so that the stylist could have an idea of how you'd like it . Do some research on salon's in your area and find out which one specializes in cuts . If nothing comes up , maybe you might have to try salon's in a different location . Good luck ! 
I have tried a "curl specialist" that is often recommended in London twice, and it was a huge waste of money, literally pointless cuts. My best cuts always came from good stylists in good salons, which have no mention of curls. I'd go for the highest qualified in the salon and just explain what I don't like and what I want it to look like.
this site has a list of many hairdressers that cater to curly hair. do your research and ask them to show you their work before you let anyone cut your hair. bring pix of looks that inspire you as well.