What do I tell a hair stylist who is cutting my hair while straight, to avoid triangle shape?

I live in Norway, where there aren't really any hair stylists that specialize in curly hair (my hair is mostly 3b). I have tried getting haircuts (on curly hair) while abroad, by curly hair spesialists, without any success. I've also gotten haircuts on straight hair, since that is pretty much the only option I have here. The main issue is that I always end up with a very distinctive triangle shape, which I hate. I would like a rounder shape. I imagine this means I need layers, which is what I tell the stylist, but I still end up with terrible results. I am wondering what exactly it is I need to tell a stylist who is cutting my hair while straight to achieve a less triangle-like shape. Any help would be great! (Btw, the front parts of my hair in the photo are pinned back). 

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