How do I tell my hairdresser that I want a trim without her doing it when my hair is straight?

So i've been going to this hair salon thats the typical "ghetto" salon. My hairdresser is old school so she uses a hot comb and then a flat iron to finish when straightening. As a result of the excessive heat, my hair has a lot of heat damage. Keep in mind though that I've never had a relaxer and I think my hair was growing when i was going to her consistently. However now I want to be "fully" natural and embrace my full curls and see their definition. Im just not sure if she knows or anyone else in her shop knows how to style hair without heat or weave. Im 16. Also should I do the big chop or just trim every month?

1 Answer

You should just tell her. Don't be unclear or beat around the bush. Just straight up tell her you want your hair cut but not straightened at all. Prepare yourself for any reactions that follow. Confusion, frustration, acceptance, however you think she might react just be prepared for it. If she can't do it you NEED to know so you can find someone who can cut your hair without straightening it or heat damage. Don't feel bad for having to break up with a hairstylist if they cannot meet your needs. If she is a well trained stylist she will be able to help you no matter what, but you will never know if you don't come right out and ask. Always say exactly what you need to say when you need to say it. Don't be afraid. :) As for the big chop, this is totally a personal preference. If you want to do it, do it. I didn't. I had to. That's a long story. But since you have the option, don't feel bad if you just want to transition. Don't feel bad if you want to chop it all off.  It's up to you. Make whatever decision that will help you look in the mirror and be like.... I'm fierce and sickening.