I think I know this answer BUT, is your hair suppose to be wet or dry when you are getting a trim?

I got a trim this morning and ask the stylist (I trusted) do I need to wet my hair. Her response was "No it will shrink" I'm not a hair dresser but I think I just found another hair dresser I can't trust. Please tell me I'm wrong.

3 Answers

It should be cut dry because, if cut wet, the hair will look strange and uneven dry.
Trust your stylist!  Your hair will lay differently when it is wet compared to dry.  Cutting hair when wet usually results in a terrible cut when dry.  Did you like the results?  
Agreed, It make more sense to cut your hair dry as wet hair may shrink and look differnet/uneven from the initial cut. Not to mention it's easier to tell what hair should be trimmed when the hair is dry. Unless obviously split, water can slick the hair down and make it look and feel healthier than it is.