I want a more masculine cut, some help with specifics?

So, I recently cut off basically all my hair, with the request to my stylist: I want to look more androgynous or masculine, instead I get this rather effeminate bob, which I'm not entirely sure what to do with, I've tried to make do with it, but certain parts of it really bug me.So, can anyone point me towards a specific style, or give me tips on how I should go about 'fixing' it?

1 Answer

Really depends how short you want to go. I think if you cut the front a bit shorter and wore it messier, encouraging the waviness, and sort of swept back it might look quite masculine. Otherwise if you wanted to got pretty short you've got lots of options. Good luck, I hope you end up with a style you like! I've struggled with wanting a more androgynous cut for a while now, so I know the feeling of frustration when there's not many examples and stylists don't understand what you want.