I want a pixie cut, but I still want my hair long enough to straighten, do I still cut my hair curly

Hello! So, I have a mix between 3a and 3b and I've been wanting to get my hair cut into a pixie cut for almost four years now, but my mom says I wouldn't like it. I don't do very many 'special' things with my hair anyways. I always have it up in a bun and rarely have it straightened, only because that takes so long to do and I know there's products I can put into my hair and find styles and things to do with my short hair. Another thing to, is that I still want my hair long enough to straighten. Many stylists told me I shouldn't cut my hair short, or it wouldn't work for my hair type and I just- don't believe them? I know there's something out there I could use to pull off the pixie cut. I'm almost eighteen and can do whatever it is I want- I REALLY want a pixie cut. And I'm not taking 'No' or 'You're not going to like it' as an answer! Lol. Does anyone have any guidance, tips, or anything for me? I just really don't want shoulder length hair. I want to experiment with short hair and see if I like it. I've been told its just hair and that it'll grow back. 

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