I want to cut my hair. It has a lot of split ends. Not dealing with salon. Help, anyone?

My hair has a lot of split ends and I want it to be healthy. I've been getting my hair cut chest length about every year since I was younger, and now I'm trying to grow it out. I don't want the hassle of finding a salon and paying for a cut that I might not even like. So, I've been thinking about cutting it myself. I've got thick, looser curls. near my forehead and ears I have corkscrew curls. I'd like a cut that will encourage my hair to curl and will make it healthier, and that also won't be too short. I like the v shape and face frame style with a couple layers. I've never cut my hair before. Does anyone have any  advice?

1 Answer

This helped me cut my hair into layers. http://www.mydevacurl.com/curly_lifestyle/videos/how_to_cut_curly_hair