Should I wear a wash n go or twist out to get my hair cut?

My hair grows much faster in the back so it has taken on almost a mullet shape.  It is also very fine, with just below average density.  I hardly ever wear it all out when I do twist outs (my main style) because of how straggly it looks.  So deciding to get it cut into a bob isn't that hard.  However I hardly ever wear wash n go's, should I get my hair cut into the style I want while wearing a twist out?Attached is the cut I want.

3 Answers

your hair looks great in this picture. is this a wash and go or a twist out? i only cut curl by curl so i recommend everyone to come with their natural curl pattern when i trim it. i try to teach everyone how to enjoy a wash and go to maximize the health of your hair. my blog is helpful explaining about curly haircuts
either one would be fine . If you want more layers, twist it before  you cut it . If you are just looking to trim the ends then I suggest a wash and go . BTW , YOUR HAIR IS BEAUTIFUL !!
The attached pic is not me, just a haircut I'd want to try something similar to.