I wnt to taper my hair but a stylist damaged my edges. Will tapering it make them(edges) look worse?

I want to cut my hair and more specifically, I want a tapered cut. But the catch here is that a stylist damaged my edges last year. I'm scared that it'll look even worse if I cut my hair short. I don't stress my edges at all and last year was the first time I went to a stylist in years and this happened (>_<), Please advise ladies and gents

1 Answer

If you think it would look worse if you cut it, I wouldn't. As far as your edges, I'm so sorry that happened to you, I feel your pain because whenever I get pay to get braids, a stylist always puts them in too tight and stresses my edges. I would say, if you had a picture of your hair, it would help us help you:)