I was wondering if I should layer my hair?

My hair is a mixture between 2B and 3B. It switches between the two depending on the day, where I am and what the weather is like. My hair is somewhat long (it just about covers my boobs) and every single curl is quite different. The shorter curls at the back of my neck are tight ringlets which look very similar to 3B hair while the longer hair on top is a mixure between 3b and 2b. My curls are small and some are ringlets while the others follow a more "S" shape. I love my hair however I just feel like I have had the same shape and look for the past three years... I love my long hair and I am way too scared to cut it shorter but I do need a cut because my hair is not in the best condition and I am absolutely dreading it. I am in need of knowing how i should cut it. I do not have layers in my hair however my hair is not all one length (considering each curl is different). Should I layer my hair? I want my hair to be healthy again and I would also like a little more volume but I have no idea what cut to ask for :-) thank you!

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